About Us

Sunfinity Solar is dedicated towards building a greener India, both economically & ecologically, as well. Our solar projects are dedicated to minimise your energy expenditure, thus giving your pocket & environment, both a greener touch. All our solar projects use the finest & most technologically advanced solar cells (provided by our technology partner Hanhwa), that maximize energy savings.

1. Solutions For Consumers:

 On Grid/Off Grid Solar Rooftop PV Installations:

To offset the rising prices of Electricity, we offer personal rooftop solar power generation to areas which pre-dominantly rely on conventional sources of energy.

Excess energy can be supplied back to the grid through Smart Meters, as per Net-Metering policies which have already been implemented.


2. Solutions For Business:

Businesses today are subject to very high per unit cost of Electricity. We plan to offset this cost by installing Solar systems which will help such entities not only with cost effective and reliable back power but also reduce their Carbon emissions.

3.Programs with Governments:

Solar Parks

Designing and developing Mega Watt scale projects in India to be connected directly to the grid, since Government is giving waste lands at economical prices for such developments. We will help beat the escalating cost of conventional energy with customized solar solutions, integrated with the existing infrastructure.


Solarize Remote Locations

We plan to work with Government agencies to plan, design and supply equipment to bring the power of the sun to communities everywhere.A combination of micro grids, solar lanterns, and Rooftop PV systems can help communities reduce their dependence on kerosene lamps and diesel generators and make a significant economic difference to the residents and generate employment amongst the locals. Engineering, Procuring and Construction of Solar Projects in remote locations which then powers a number of un-electrified households in the village.