Solar Energy for Business and Government


India’s Emerging Solar Energy Provider

  • Sunfinity Solar is one of the fastest emerging names in solar energy services.
  • Sunfinity Solar offers you solar rooftop solutions, for both your residential and commercial projects. Sunfinity solar is also empowering academic institutions by providing them efficient solar power solutions to reduce their energy costs.
  • Providing cleaner energy not just only reduces the carbon emissions and makes your earth a better place to live in, but also saves you your hard earned money.

How do I fit a solar plant in my yearly budget?

  • We realize that a solar plant is not something you would have thought of in your budget. So, to ease things out for you, we have a wide variety of financing options, provided by our financing partner: India Lends.
  • Sunfinity Solar helps to manage and lock your energy expenditure. Our Sunfinity expert will visit your site and give you an exact estimation of what kind of solar rooftop solutions would suit your needs best. Based on your requirements, we’ll chalk out a plan to minimize your energy expenditure and maximize your savings.
  • From the very first day of operations, your solar plant will help you control your energy costs and thereby recovering it’s own costing within a short period of time.
  • So lock in the energy rates, seize solar power and help reshape our future with Sunfinity Solar.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!

  • Sunfinity Solar is an all-in one energy provider. All the solar panels that we install are provided by our technology partner Hanwha.
  • With great power comes great responsibility. And thus, we make sure the whole process is done in a systematic way.
  • First a sunfinty expert shall audit your site and take an estimate of your needs and requirements. Then our team will devise a plan that is best suited for your requirements. Our finance team and our financing partners shall ease your wallet situation. And Et Voila, in no time you shall have a hold over all your energy costs!
Let’s grow together!

Let’s grow together!

  • Cleaner energy & better living every single day.
  • With high performing solar systems, we aim to deliver cleaner energy and a better environment to live in.
  • The potential lies in our upgraded technology, whether it’s our solar mounting and racking systems, or our energy storage technology. With every step, we make sure that your efforts to save the planet give you exponential returns at every step.
  • The responsibility lies in reshaping our future of the energy generation, today.

Be a part of the Solar Family.

Our dedicated employees are engaged and devoted to the sole objective of providing you with cleaner and more economical energy. Our Sunfinity experts, audit your site, take into consideration your requirements and provide you a plan tailored to suit your needs. From the first step of consultation to the final activation, you can now go solar with Sunfinity Solar. Everything is simplified and the potential to reach greater heights and build a better tomorrow is the aim of today.

Be a part of the Solar Family