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Why switch to solar?

 icon-plugLower electricity bills.

Utility costs tend to rise every year. Switching to solar let’s you secure utility rates for the length of your contract, something no utility company can do.

 icon-moneyNo upfront costs.

Just pay for clean, affordable energy that you can produce on your own roof. Our financing options even include $0-down payments for switching to  Solar.

icon-leavesBig environmental impact.

Solar panel systems derive clean, pure energy from the power of the sun. Installing a system on your home helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.

icon-sunLimitless potential.

For every megawatt of solar power Sunfinity Solar installs, our Give Power foundation will donate a solar power system and battery to a school without electricity.

icon-checkWe got you covered.

Sunfinity Solar will design a custom solar panel system for your home. We install our own panels and then offer 24/7 system monitoring once you turn your system on.