Solar Panels for Homes

Sunfinity Solar is now becoming the emerging choice for solar rooftop solutions for many homes. We aim to deliver highly efficient solar energy solutions and long term peace of mind for you. With Sunfinity Solar Power, you can save money &  do your bit for combating green house gas emissions.

More Economical, Less Chaos

Building our nation’s future and enriching lives will now be more cost efficient with Sunfinity Solar. With Innovations in solar technology and a vast range of easy financing options, it’s now more economical for people to switch to solar power.

  • With our financing partner, India Lends, Sunfinity Solar ensures that all kinds of financing options are just a couple of clicks away from you .
  • With plans ranging from Zero Rupee Down payment to various other affordable & flexible options powered by India Lends & other financing partners, we ensure that you do not burn a hole in your wallet.
  • From it’s very day of operation, the solar plant will give you an instant decrease in your energy expenditure.

Follow Up With Our Advanced Sunfinity Solar Technology

  • Our advanced technology brings you the comfort of sipping your coffee and leaving the installation process to us.
  • The solar panels have energy monitoring with the Sunfinity Solar, so you track your home’s production.
  • Sunfinity solar mounts your solar panels low onto your roof. We ensure that the installation process is quick and efficient.
  • Call a Sunfinity expert today!