At Sunfinity Solar, our endeavour is to keep home owners at the forefront of the transition from non renewable sources of energy to the more cleaner sources of energy, particularly the solar energy. One of the primary reasons that leads customers to solar energy is the financial benefit that it brings with it. And this is apart from the bigger picture; how the solar energy puts a check on the pollution and helps save for the future. Sunfinity Solar is our small initiative towards a vision of a clean-energy world.Consumers are at the core of all our endeavours. We offer rooftop solar power generators, primarily to customers who reside in dense areas. The energy produced through this can be supplied back to the grid through smart meters. This solves the dual purpose: helps the government conserve energy, and you, the consumer, can reduce your energy expenditure quite substantially.This new role that the consumers play in the solar energy movement, combined with their knowledge and positive reinforcement, makes it a unified project in the true sense. At Sunfinity Solar, we can keep increasing awareness of the benefits of solar, and we can help more people choose renewable energy, which is more economical and less chaos.