How much will a solar plant cost you?

Solar plants have a 30% government subsidy, hence making them very economical for both residential & commercial use. Sunfinity solar also provides you with a wide range of financing options, via India Lends(our official financing partner).

Are the monthly EMIs really worth it?

We understand your apprehensions. But trust us, after the 30% government subsidy and the saving you’ll make on your energy expenditure, you’ll realise that going solar was the smartest move you’ve ever made.

How does solar power work?

Our solar panels capture the sun’s rays, and transfer the energy to an inverter. This energy is then converted by the inverter and is fed directly into your home . Thus, reducing your energy costs, and giving you complete control over your energy costs.

What if I shift my operational space?

Sunfinty Solar provides you with a flexible plan to relocate or shift your plant whenever needed. All you have to do is call a Sunfinity expert.